Stop Foreclosure on your Columbus Home

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Stop foreclosure by selling your Columbus Ohio house now. Values are dropping, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to sell your home!

If you are frustrated with owning your house, then we might be the solution, to step in a buy your house. We are not real estate agent so there are no fees or commissions to pay. Franklin county homeowners!

We might not stop foreclosure, but buying your home before foreclosure is the goal. It doesn’t matter if you have no little or no equity, there may be a solution to get you the cash and price you need. Working in the current Columbus Ohio market we understand how to work around little or no equity deals and can sometimes create a short sale. We just need owners to understand that we are willing to buy if you are flexible.

You can receive an offer in hours to decide if you really should sale your house now or wait for the foreclosure auction. Foreclosure isn’t a concern, as long as, your lender is able to postpone the sale, to allow us time to come to terms. Selling your house isn’t easy, but you will be fine if you have everything already set up and ready to go on time. If not, then you need to try a few different options to see what’s available. Stop and think for a logical answer that will get you a positive outcome.

Don’t worry about low ball offers Columbus Franklin county we only look to do win-win transactions, which means we can’t pay cash and full market value at the same time. The reason you are facing foreclosure doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is for you to weigh out your options and decide what your home is really worth.

A lot of real estate agents won’t list a property, if they don’t feel their commission is really there. You don’t have to worry about paying us a commission, because we aren’t real estate agents. We are Franklin county Oh house buyers, and we can buy your Columbus area house now or later depending on how the deal needs to be structured.

If you have been served with papers pursuing a foreclosure or believe that you will be served, you need a buyer that works under tight conditions common to the foreclosure process. If you have little or no equity you want to sell your house to a buyer that understands short sales and how the short sale process works.

Are you facing Foreclosure on your Columbus Oh home?
Are you 1 or more payments behind on your mortgage?
Do you have 1 or more mortgages on your property?
Have you tried to borrow money to bring your loan current without any luck?
Are you stressed about your house going to foreclosure?
Do you need to do something about your Franklin county Home FAST?

Columbus Franklin county homeowners when facing foreclosure, time is of the essence!

CALL us immediately for a FREE no obligation consultation on how we can save your Columbus Franklin county Ohio home from foreclosure by buying from you directly, and save your credit before it’s too late or create a short sale where you have little or no equity for a no hassle purchase.

Don’t file bankruptcy if you don’t have too, it only stops the foreclosure process where it is, and if dismissed your lender will start from the same place, and continues where it was left off.

We have helped homeowners from across the country put a screeching halt to foreclosure proceedings. We Can Buy Your Columbus Oh house Too!

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