Have you Inherited an Estate?

Inherited Estates can be a problem when you have to pay probate taxes while your heart is still heavy!

Selling your house in Charlotte can be a real task, especially waiting through the whole probate process. It can take months if you don’t already have a buyer for your estate. You work through the almost endless stacks of paper trying to determine what there is to split between the heirs and how to legally handle everything.

An inherited property can be a gift and a curse, but when you need to sell fast you want someone that can offer you cash and close fast. We also get our attorney to gather all of the paperwork needed to save you the headache and stress you are already going through. If you inherited the property with more heirs, we can still work to get you what you need from the sale.

Much of the estate may be easy to dispose of or distribute, but rarely is that the case with real estate holdings. Many times selling the real estate can take months. You want to get the most out of your house and fast. If you have time to wait then that’s great. The average time a house sits on the market in Charlotte is around 9-12months.

You can hire an auctioneer to auction your house. Can you really afford an auctioneer? First they are going to try to talk you into selling your house for less. Then they are going to have you cover their marketing expenses which could add up to $7,000 for each house. There is no guarantee the auctioneer will sale your estate during the auction. If not then you are out of 7 grand and if they do you still owe them their commission.

Selling your house through an auctioneer will cost more than selling your house at a discount to us. Would you rather blow money or keep as much of it as you can?

Imagine how long it will take to sell your estate while its in probate. Not a pretty sight.

We can’t help you with all of the legal hoops you must jump through, but we can help you with selling the property. We buy houses in all Charlotte neighborhoods.

Contact us and we will make you a fast, no obligation offer to purchase the property so that you can get the estate settled and get on with your life.

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