Have Title Liens and Judgments Problems?

Are title problems keeping your home from selling? Judgments and liens can increase the time it takes your house to sell, but we buy houses with liens and judgments!

Don’t fret! We have dealt with houses that have all types of liens and judgments, mechanic liens, tax liens, irs liens, car liens, and other liens.

All title problems can be worked around. Charlotte and North Carolina laws make it hard to have liens removed from your home unless you know what you are doing or have an attorney on your side. You have to deal with the judgment holders. Since you haven’t been able to make your payments you need a third party talking with them. We have worked out deals where lien holders were tough to work with, but some will budge.

If you want to sell your Charlotte home immediately and easy call us directly at (888)219-8619 or fill in the offer form below.

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