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Are you looking for a Realtor in Charlotte to help sell your house?

Sell your home for sale by owner and save on real estate agent fees and commissions, by selling directly to the buyer!

Is your house on the market for sale by owner? Are you thinking about listing your Charlotte house for sale by a Realtor? Listing your house with an agent is not a bad thing in Charlotte or any city if you have months to wait for a sale. Most Realtors are not aggressive and in Charlotte it normally takes 6-8 months for them to sale your home. Also, it is a well known fact that selling through a Real Estate agent will get you a higher sales price,but….. Which sounds good until you get to the core.

I will help you analyze whether it is feasible for you to list with a Broker or sale on your house on your own to me. Here are some costs associated with selling through a Realtor:

Listing Price:
Realtors Commission:
Closing Cost:
Total $184,800:
– $3,200

The estimated price of $184,800 is what licensed professionals like real estate agents want you to believe you will net, but in fact below are more cost they don’t tell you about.

Holding cost for six months of mortgage payments:
Talk down on Price:
Sellers Concession:
A repair or update and item request:
4% or $8,000
4% or $8,000
3% or $6,000

Ok you are wondering about the extra cost I added. First let me explain the holding costs. When you first list your house for sale, that is when you want it sold. Unfortunately that is often not the case. You end up waiting 6 months to sale your house and 6 months of $1,500 in monthly payments equals $6,000. You could have save this money by selling to us immediately.

It is a known fact that no one pays full asking price for a home. Not only in Charlotte but the national statistic shows a seller will have to reduced their asking price by 4% in most cases when a buyer puts in an offer. In other cases the seller will end up selling for more of a discount of around 10% which can eat into your profit even more.

Most buyers will request seller concessions to help them get into the house with less money out of the buyers pockets. Buyers want to keep all the money in their pocket they can so they can have utilities turned on, maybe add new furniture or whatever. In this case they want you to help reduce their upfront cost getting in, which in some cases is a deal breaker if you don’t comply with their request.

The buyers that real estate agents Realtors tend to find are owner occupants that are really picky. Really they have every right to be since they have excellent credit and the funds to close. So they make requests that you think are ridiculous like change the toilet, paint the house over or put the carpet in of their chose. If you don’t make those upgrades they want, then they expect you to give me a credit at closing.
So lets see what you are really looking a as a net after you sell through a Realtor.

Net the Realtor wants you to believe:
Expense they don’t tell you about:
Real Net Total that you can expect:
– $28,000

Your net would actually be around $43,000 less than your initial listing price of $200,000. It is true that with a real estate agent you may sale your house for more, but it cost a lot more than selling the house for sale by owner. Realtors and real estate agents are extremely costly.

Now you are asking yourself, what kind of net can you expect when selling to an investor? Well I will tell you what, you can net a lot more by selling your house for sale by owner to an investor or my company directly and cut off on the holding time. Reducing your hold time is really important if you need to sell immediately which is the case for most homeowners. With the same house valued at $200,000 follow the example from a for sale by owner type deal minus the real estate agent:

My offer would be:
Split closing cost:
Total Net:

The net you get from selling to me is around $16,000 more than could expect from selling through a Realtor. That’s a lot of money you could put somewhere else or use for a new car or whatever. I know you can really use that $16,000 extra, we all could.

To find out what kind of offer we can really make you should fill in the form below to get started immediately. It’s truly a no-brainer to sell to us so you can quickly move on. As you can see it really isn’t so expensive selling to my company, compared to selling through a Realtor. We are willing to pay more than most investors are willing to pay. Most are only willing to pay half or fifty cents on the dollar for a house which is a rip off if your house doesn’t need much work. We don’t look to hammer you down on price.

We buy Charlotte houses as well as houses in Tampa, Florida, Salt Lake City, Utah, and others. If your house is on the market for sale by owner fill in the form below.

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