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Sell your Charlotte – Mecklenburg house faster than a real estate agent to my company.

We can buy your house or real estate investment in a fraction of the time most houses are sitting on the market.

The market in Charlotte North Carolina is becoming in shock with the number of houses that are on the market. In July it was recorded that we had 30,888 houses on the market. Out of nearly 31,000 homes in the inventory or about 10% of the homes actually sold. If your house is in Mecklenburg County, the numbers suggest that your house can sit on the market for 10 months with the current supply of houses. I know you are thinking “my, my, my, my, my, what I am going to do about selling my house”.

Each month you are either the 1 out of 10 that sold or 1 of the 9 homeowners wondering why your house didn’t sell. These numbers aren’t being highly publicize simply because it would be embarrassing for a real estate agent to try an convince you to let them list your house if they aren’t really making a difference to begin with.

What’s even more shocking is that about 20% more houses are entering the market as of July. With those types of numbers your home will become lost in the shuffle of all the houses listed by real estate agents. Earlier this year Charlotte, NC was one of the few markets that held up or buck the trend of the national market. A surge of foreclosures loaded the market with more houses than the real estate agents can handle.

The traditional way of listing your house with a real estate agent is a thing of the past, at least for the moment, because there are so many houses for sale. A good fluid market of Charlotte – Mecklenburg size should have no more than 15,000 houses for sale. 15,000 and below would dictate a strong solid market and we are doubled that number.

There are so many homes on the market, buyers can be very picky. Now they can dissect a house apart and offer sellers such ridiculous offers that an owner will feel like they should accept since there is no telling when the next buyer will come around.

If you want to sell your Charlotte Mecklenburg house faster than your local real estate agent then you need to fill in the form below so we can instantly evaluate your house and make you a solid offer within the next few hours, as long as you submit the form before 8 p.m. eastern standard.

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