Charlottes’ Housing Market Seems to be Improving as of September 2012


Now is the time we all have been waiting on, and that is the housing market seems to be turning the corner.  No more is the housing market in the slumps so that means the buyers on the open market want some of the best deals available.  Anyone in the Charlotte market want to buy a home knows that things are getting better.

According to the Association of Realtors, the Mecklenburg market is on fire compared to the previous year and the previous year was doing okay compared to the year before.  Here are some of the numbers that was extracted from the Carolina Realtor Association:


Description: September 2011 2012 Percentages
New Listings 3409 3290 -3.5
Closed Sales 1968 2244 +14.2
Median Sales Price 149,900 160,000 +6.7
Average Sales Price 196,649 206,051 +4.8
Reduced Price 89.4 91.4 +2.9
Days on Market 126 111 -12.1
Inventory on the Market 21,279 15,548 -26.9
Months Worth of Inventory 11.3 6.4 -43.9

This means that inventory is selling +4.8% higher than properties were in September  of 2011 and homes are on the market for a shorter period time down -12.1%.  The biggest change in the market is the amount of inventory, in 2011 there were 21,000 homes on the month which equated to an 11 month supply of houses if no other house was added down to a little under 6.5 months of houses on the market.

The amount of inventory on the market is still high and that means homeowners that don’t have time to sell, will probably have to wait 6 months before they will sell their home if it sells unless they are willing to give a good discounted price or fix the house up to almost new.

As of September 2012, the Charlotte housing market is looking for good compared to September of 2011 but the market hasn’t fully recovered.  Don’t let the numbers trick you into thinking you will get more for your home than it is worth.  Buyers are smarter now and want to make sure that they have the best deal on the market for what they are looking for.  If your house isn’t the best on the market or at the best price, it’s a good chance that they house will just sit on the market.

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The Charlotte Housing Market Seems to be Coming Back to Life

As of the month of June, the Charlotte housing market seems to have more activity when speaking of the amount of inventory being sold. This is good news for homeowners and buyers alike. There are less new home listings which could be a result of lenders stepping back before they file foreclosure notices, but whatever the reason may be that is good because the less homes on the market make houses more attractive for buyers looking to purchase a home. In the month of June there were 1767 new listings which is down 4% from June of 2011.

The closing ratio of homes are up 11.7% at 1,238 from June of last year which were 1,108. Almost a 12% jump is huge without all of the down payment assistance programs that were available last year. Also the average sales price is up as well at $255,000 versus $235,000 from last June. This is good news because sellers are getting around 93% of their asking price from a 90% ratio which was still good.

The best news is that there were only 7,400 homes on the market last more down 24% from June of 2011 which was 9,800. This means that there were enough homes on the market if no more homes were added, the inventory would be sold in 7.8 months down 34.9% from the 11.9 month worth of inventory from last year.

All this means that regardless of popular belief the Charlotte housing market is slowly coming back to life right underneath our noses. I am so excited about the recent news of June 2012. This report will excite a lot of interested parties that are in the market trying to sell as well as buyers that are looking for houses.

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Finding your Buyers

The first thing you should do is build your buyers list of investors that are currently looking for good deals.   Your buyers equal the cash you need to close any good deal you may find.  You should want at least 20 serious buyers to unload any properties you find.  There are so many ways to find buyers for you deals and a few are to place your own ad in the newspaper, place an ad on craigslist to find some buyers as well as backpage.

You can find buyers by also linking up with an investor that can show you the ropes.

Locate Sellers

Once you have your buyers lined up you want to come up with some products to show them.  Any good deal you find is your money so you need to get very good at finding deals for your buyers.  There is an abundant of buyers in this market because now all the bargain hunters are out looking for killer deals.

A few ways to find your sellers are the newspaper, for sale signs in the yard, and placing your own ads in the newspaper and on craigslist.  The best way to produce leads is from the use of the internet, if you don’t have a good internet presence then you can work with someone that has already put in the grunt work.

Presenting your Deals

Now that you have your buyer and a property for your buyer, as an efficient real estate bird dog, you want to have everything laid out for your buyer.  The reason you want to present your deals to your buyers is first and foremost you want to look professional.  Professionals get paid more than those that shoot from the hip.

A few things you want to have together for your buyer to ensure more than $500 per deal are as followed:

  1. Property Address
  2. Asking Price
  3. Location of city
  4. Type of house
  5. Pictures outside are ok (preferably inside as well)
  6. Pictures of houses in the neighborhood
  7. A brief assessment of the house
  8. Email Account
  9. Internet Access

Provide all of those into a package and you will ensure that your buyers will love it when you come around because all they have to do is research the numbers and tell you if there is a deal or not.


You can make some really good cash if you master how to place buyers and sellers in the same room so you can step in to make a quick profit.  Once you learn everything you need to learn about your local real estate market, you can start to dictate how much money you make for the month.  If opportunity is available for any bird dog that wants to become efficient at locating deals.


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