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You can sell your Charlotte North Carolina house fast with absolutely NO COST to you! READ ON to find out how!

 We don’t want to list your home, we want to buy your house and give you the most money for one of your biggest investments, without the hassles and no headaches!

We are not real estate agents and we understand the hassle that comes with selling your house through a real estate agent. They have expensive fees and sometimes try to talk you into paying buyers closing cost and concessions. All of those fees add up to dollars missing from your pockets.  It’s easy for your Realtor to try an convince you to lower your asking price, because it’s not their money or equity.  That would make most people wonder is the agent really for the seller or does the agent have their own motive.

You shouldn’t have to stand for it and you don’t have too.  Real Estate Brokers sometimes can be a real inconvenience. Setting up appointments during odd hours, and they always have a new idea why your home isn’t selling. Charlotte has a hot market and the reason your house isn’t selling is not because of the property, it boils down to the agent that you are working with……. Continue Below

With us there are NEVER any fees, commissions or other charges to you. Whatever your reason for selling you can trust that we will look into getting you the best offer for your house. Click on one of the links below.

Are you behind on payments or facing foreclosure?
Stop making double payments!
Do you have two homes, but can’t sell one?
Is little or No Equity keeping your house from seller?
Have you inherited an estate?
Need to sell your house because of a job transfer or relocation?
Does your property has any Judgments, Liens or Title Problems?
Do you need to sell because of a Divorce?
Are you tired of being a landlord?
Is your real estate agent not peforming?
Does your property have code violations?
Have a vacant house or one that needs repairs?


Continue from top Most agents think if your home doesn’t sale in a day or weeks, it has to be the price. They advise you to lower your price month after month so when you finally end up selling your home, you are left with a net profit that is lower than selling your house by owner. Don’t play around with selling your property, sell your house directly to the buyer. Cut out the middleman.
According to the National Association of Realtors 80% of buyers are looking to the internet for their next home.  So if your agent doesn’t have a strong internet presence then you can expect your house to sit on the market for a very long time during this sluggish market.  63% of buyers drive around neighborhoods looking for yard signs.  It’s funny that your house has a better chance of selling if you place a sign in the yard vs. listing with a real estate agent that doesn’t have good internet presence.  Also 55% of the buyers look in the newspaper as well. Your chances have just increased even more if you combine your yard sign with the right newspaper ad.

There are 8 reasons why homeowners would consider selling their home through a Realtor.

  1. They handle all of the paperwork. (We handle the paperwork as well and close through a real estate attorney to make sure everyone’s interest is in mind.  Plus our paperwork is easy to understand.)
  2. Selling your home takes time and a real estate agent saves you time. (We take the hassle out of selling your home, because we are the buyer.)
  3. They have market knowledge. (So can we.  We can provide you with a complete analysis of comparable recent home sales in your neighborhood.  This will allow you to determine, if the price we are offering to buy in fair.)
  4. An agent handles a buyers’ objection.  Hearing somebody reject your home is painful especially, when you think it is perfect. (As a home buyer, we have learned not to criticize a sellers’ house. We will simply tell you what we can do and can’t do.  Now if you ask, we will politely let you know what can increase the chances of your home seller.  Remember we are buyers so we Know!”
  5. Your agent can help your buyers find the right financing. (Well as the buyer, we don’t need to go out and look for financing.  Besides, you can find adequate financing for your buyers by looking through the phone book and interview a few mortgage brokers.  That is what brokers do.)
  6. They negotiate for you.  (Selling your house to us doesn’t require much negotiation.  You know the numbers and you simply decide if you accept our offer.)
  7. They handle all the little stuff in between. (Simply all you have to do, is order the appraisal, have a home and termite inspection completed, have the title searched by an attorney, and document any repairs that you may have made.)
  8. They can sale your house for more money. (That is true they can sale your home for more money, but it cost more money to sale through an agent.  Just like your agent will negotiate for you, the buyers’ agent will do the same thing.  Often time, adding concessions, repair rebate contingencies, usually 10% bottom line below your asking price, change the colors of your walls, add this, remove that.  So in other words, the agent might be a higher price, but selling through an agent usually cost around 16% of the final selling price.  Not such a great deal after you sign the Settlement Statement.

Do you really have to time to wait for an agent to sell your home?  You have come to our site where we buy houses, but we are not like the “We Buy Houses” companies.  We don’t need to low ball you on an offer, and we make offers on homes with little or no equity as well.  Out of 80% of the buyers going to the internet, so did we and our internet presence is really strong.  That is why you are on our site because we would love to evaluate your home to give you an idea of what your home might sale for, and possibly make you an offer to purchase your house.

We buy houses in Charlotte as well as other cities around the country.  Our site is being worked on to add more cities that we invest in.
Real Estate agents are the alternative. You can finally skip the middle man prices and deal directly with the buyer. Dealing directly with the buyer, there is no wondering when your home is going to sale or up nights wondering what kind of low ball offers will be coming in tomorrow. You can get an offer in hours. We take every house differently since we don’t use a cookie cutter approach.

If you have months or years to wait until your house sales, then list with a Realtor or if you are like most people and want to sell your house fast and easy with terms that you will be happy with follow the links below to find the right offer to your house. We have helped sellers, in every conceivable situation, solve their real estate problems. Give us the opportunity and we will help you get rid of the hassle of selling your Charlotte house so that you can get on with your life.

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We handle all of the paperwork and make all of the arrangements.  You will get a simple no hassle closing, with no cost to you.

It doesn’t matter if your house is in perfect shape, needs repairs, is vacant, or neglected, we can buy it fast.